casual kilts

picture of jc in casual kiltWhat are casual kilts?

Traditional, Scottish tartan kilts are made from 8 yards of tartan cloth and are hand pleated. The result is that full kilts are very expensive, normally between £300 and £400, and time consuming to manufacture.

Casual kilts are made from 5 yards of material, firstly saving on the cost of the material, and are also machine stitched, which is much quicker than hand stitching. To the untrained eye there is no discernible difference between a casual kilt and full kilt, particularly when 16oz. cloth is used. Pricing on casual kilts varies from £150 to £250, dependent on the cloth used.

There are several specialist tartan mills in Scotland and the UK and these include Lochcarron, House of Edgar, Strathmore and Marton Mills. Tartan cloth is available in 11oz. (lightweight), 13oz. (medium weight) and 16oz. (heavy weight) and there are over 1000 tartans currently in commercial weave.

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